Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things

Some days I just want to throw up my hands and scream "I can't do this anymore". It doesn't happen often, but there are days that push me to the edge! Between work, taking care of the house and the boys, and making meals, the days go by in a blur and I often go to bed thinking, what exactly did I do with the boys tonight? Did I even give them 10 minutes of my time?? Guilt sets in and I tell myself tomorrow we'll slow down and go out a play and enjoy the day. It's called "mommy guilt" and those of us with kids have all been through it. Things happen in life that make you stop and go "WHOA" wait a minute, is it a big deal if the house isn't dusted or the dishes aren't clean? I mean really - who cares? The kids are only small for a short time and before I know it, they'll be teenagers and won't need or want me around! LOL These past few days I've realized nothing is more important than enjoying life, because it can be taken away so fast. A dear friend, who was only 34, passed away yesterday from a brain tumor. She had been battling for a few years and God knows she put up quite a fight - she had to, she has 5 small children. Those of us who know her, our hearts are broken for those kids. She didn't have much family to lean on, her ex was a sleaze (to put it nicely). Her kids were her life and she used every single minute on earth letting them know how much she loved them. It makes you wonder why moments like these have to happen before the rest of us stop what we're doing and think about the stuff that is really important in life. So tonight, I left the dishes in the sink, didn't sweep the floor or pick up toys. The boys and I went outside and picked apples, we played in the sandbox & laughed alot, and then we came in and read books before bed. Now I am going to go and light a candle for a friend I have known for over 8 years - she will be missed. But because of her I realize how life should be -

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