Friday, September 12, 2008


So, today is Friday and its HOMECOMING in Estelline. Zach was so excited because of course today is the big parade he gets to walk in, and lots of candy, fun and more candy! In our small town of less than 900 people, everyone gets into the spirit of Homecoming. The town is awash in red & white. Go Redmen!

I just don't know where summer went - I spent so many evenings watering my flowers, shrubs and tomato plants and now they are all starting to wilt and look so unhappy. Obviously I do not have a green thumb as I have had a sparse collection of tomatos and peppers this year - even though I purchased my plants through Gurney's this year, where they state that anyone can grow a garden! Yay, right, not everyone.....
I swear I will not be doing it again next year. I will rely on the Farmers Market to provide me with fresh produce! I do however, have a huge apple tree that is so full the branches are literally hanging down. I've been making apple crisps and applesauce - finally went and purchased an "apple picker" contraption the other day that works wonders and I can reach the huge apples that are beyond my reach. No more whacking at the apples with sticks and letting them drop on the boys' heads! haha... Watch out Grandma Go Go - you'll be getting a garbage bag full of apples to make (us) jelly and sauces!!

I do mourn the passing of summer - as so many of us do here in the midwest. Just the thought of the upcoming snow, ice and freezing rain is enough to make me want to hibernate. I have never been a fan of winter (except maybe when I was 5 and actually liked playing in the snow!) and as I get older I despise it even more. Must be time for me to retire and head south!
But for now I will enjoy the beautiful fall weather, the changing of the leaves and the cool mornings. The mornings have been in the 50's and during the day in the upper 60's. Maybe this weather will last through, oh I don't know, FEBRUARY????

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